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Calibration Tools for Scanning Thermal Microscopy Probes Used in Temperature Measurement Mode

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T. P. Nguyen, S. Euphrasie, P. Vairac

FEMTO-ST Institute,
UMR 6174,
Université de Franche-Comté,
Besançon 25030, France

L. Thiery

FEMTO-ST Institute,
UMR 6174,
Université de Franche-Comté,
Besançon 25030, France
e-mail: laurent.thiery@univ-fcomte.fr

E. Lemaire, S. Khan, D. Briand

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne,
Soft Transducers Laboratory,
Neuchâtel CH-2002, Switzerland

L. Aigouy

Paris 75005, France;
CNRS, PSL Research University,
Sorbonne Universités,
Paris 75006, France

S. Gomes

Univ Lyon
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1,
Villeurbanne 69621, France

Contributed by the Heat Transfer Division of ASME for publication in the JOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER. Manuscript received October 11, 2018; final manuscript received March 26, 2019; published online May 14, 2019. Assoc. Editor: Srinath V. Ekkad.

J. Heat Transfer 141(7), 071601 (May 14, 2019) (9 pages) Paper No: HT-18-1667; doi: 10.1115/1.4043381 History: Received October 11, 2018; Revised March 26, 2019

We demonstrate the functionality of a new active thermal microchip dedicated to the temperature calibration of scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) probes. The silicon micromachined device consists in a suspended thin dielectric membrane in which a heating resistor with a circular area of 50 μm in diameter was embedded. A circular calibration target of 10 μm in diameter was patterned at the center and on top of the membrane on which the SThM probe can land. This target is a resistive temperature detector (RTD) that measures the surface temperature of the sample at the level of the contact area. This allows evaluating the ability of any SThM probe to measure a surface temperature in ambient air conditions. Furthermore, by looking at the thermal balance of the device, the heat dissipated through the probe and the different thermal resistances involved at the contact can be estimated. A comparison of the results obtained for two different SThM probes, microthermocouples and probes with a fluorescent particle is presented to validate the functionality of the micromachined device. Based on experiments and simulations, an analysis of the behavior of probes allows pointing out their performances and limits depending on the sample characteristics whose role is always preponderant. Finally, we also show that a smaller area of the temperature sensor would be required to assess the local disturbance at the contact point.

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Fig. 1

Calibration chips with heating area of 50 μm in diameter and RTD contact area of 10 μm in diameter: Optical images of device top view (a), central area top view (b), and schematic of the device cross section (c)

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Fig. 2

FEM simulation temperature map obtained for an input power of 1.6 mW. Top view of the complete device (a) and zoom of the central area (b).

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Fig. 3

Thermal configuration of a local temperature probe in contact with a hot surface

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Fig. 4

Microwire thermocouple probe on QTF: (a) structure and connecting overview, (b) 1.3 μm wire junction, and (c) 5 μm wire junction SEM images

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Fig. 5

SEM picture of an example of tungsten tip with a fluorescent nanocrystal glued at its end

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Fig. 6

Temperature elevations from Ta as a function of the input power: for each of the four probes tested (Ts − Ta) and (Tm − Ta) measured by the RTD sensor without and with probe contact, respectively, and (Tp − Ta) given by the probe. TC1 and TC5 represent the thermocouple probes of 1.3 μm and 5 μm wire diameters, respectively, Fluo1 and Fluo 2 the two tungsten tip probes equipped with a fluorescent particle.

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Fig. 7

Influence of the sample nature (Rm) on the resulting thermal response (τ) of the different probes, Re and Rc being extracted from Table 3

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Fig. 8

TC1 probe 200 × 200 μm2 scan results at 1.6 mW of input power: (a) corrected temperature map, (b) RTD sensor response, (c) topography, (d) and (e) extracted temperatures along the x- and y-axis of image A superimposed with FEM simulated profiles

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Fig. 9

FEM simulation temperature distribution along x-axis before contact (red line) and considering extracted values of (Rc + Re) of Table 3 representing the four probes contact effects with a 1 μm thermal contact radius

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 10

FEM simulation x-axis temperature distributions: comparison between 1 μm (solid lines) and 200 nm (dashed lines) thermal contact radius



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