This paper investigates the influence of labyrinth seal teeth damage due to rotor impacting on the performance and the rotordynamic characteristics of impeller eye seals in centrifugal compressors. A well-established CFD-perturbation model was employed to predict the rotordynamic coefficients. The inclusion of at least an approximate shroud leakage path chamber is prefered for accurate prediction of seal-inlet swirl velocity and flow-induced rotordynamic forces. Impeller eye seals with teeth damage: (a) suffer significant leakage increases due to the increased seal clearance and (b) produce higher seal-inlet swirl velocity as well as larger rotordynamic forces, which tend to cause the system to become unstable. It was also found that distorted teeth tip geometries have an insignificant influence on both leakage and rotordynamic coefficients. The leakage path influence on seal-inlet swirl velocity W0 was also explored to thoroughly understand the rotordynamic characteristics of the eye seal subject to various degrees of teeth damage.

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