In the present paper, the effect of twist-serrated fins around a bare tube on the Aeolian tone was experimentally investigated. These fins were mounted spirally around a bare tube and had the same geometry as those actually used in boiler tubes. We measured the intensity of velocity fluctuation, spectrum of velocity fluctuation, coherence of Karman vortex in the spanwise direction, dynamic lift force, and sound pressure level of the aerodynamic noise generated from finned tubes with various fin pitches. An Aeolian tone induced by Karman vortex shedding was observed in the case of a finned tube, although the complicated fin was mounted around a bare tube. A decrease in the pitch of the fin effectively caused an increase in the equivalent diameter, which acted as the characteristic length of a cylinder with fins. The equivalent diameter depended on the Reynolds number. We modified a relation to calculate the characteristic diameter of the finned tube, which in turn was used to calculate the Strouhal number. The coherent scales in the spanwise direction for the cases with various fin pitches were slightly larger than that of a simple circular cylinder. It is known that the sound pressure level of the Aeolian tone depends on the coherent scale of the Karman vortex in the spanwise direction. However, when the pitch of the fins decreased, the peak level of the sound pressure spectrum decreased. A correlation analysis between the flow field and Aeolian tone was carried out.

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