To improve the steam turbines’ efficiency, researchers have put their efforts on blade foil design. Aiming at improve the aerodynamic performance of steam turbine at low load, this paper will study the effect of blade foil with bionics design on steam turbine aerodynamic performance, based on humpback whale’s fin. This paper mainly discusses a bionic foil design used on steam turbine. There are three main control parameters for each tubercle structure — amplitude, wavelength, and thickness. Taking the axial torque as the decisive consideration data and combining the vorticity diagram to analyze the flow, and on this basis, the influence of the vortex pair on the flow of the turbine blade is studied. The greater the torque, the stronger the function, so the steam turbines’ efficiency is higher.

The flow condition of the optimized blade shape is improved compared to the original blade shape because it fits the blade more closely and the separated flow vortex is suppressed.

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