The successful development of small commercial turbogenerators for automotive and other applications presents a major economic challenge. Current aerospace turbogenerators in the 60 kilowatt power range sell for around $500 per kilowatt. Volume automotive turbogenerators prices must be $30 per kilowatt, or less — a 94% reduction. Turbogenerators for aerospace applications have drastically different requirements on almost all important criteria from automotive turbogenerators. The production of commercial turbogenerators requires a radically different organizational setting, mindset, and overhead structure from that necessary for the aerospace industry. Ground up designs which take an integrated approach to material selection, method of operation, fabrication techniques, supplier base, assembly methods, and low cost overheads will be necessary for commercial success. Significant innovation and simplification, and the natural effects of high volume production are also required. Success will likely require lean, agile, innovative, and specialized organizations.

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