Development of NOx sensing elements intended for operation at T ∼600 °C are described. The elements were fabricated by depositing co-planar La1-x Srx BO3 (B = Cr, Fe) and Pt electrodes on yttria-stabilized zirconia substrates. Characterization of the elements included response to NO2 and NO as well as the [O2] dependence of the NO2 response. Much stronger (∼ 40 mV for 450 ppm NO2 in 7 vol% O2 at 600 °C) sensing responses were observed for NO2 than NO, indicating these elements are best suited for detection of NO2. Pronounced asymmetries were observed between the NO2 step response and recovery times for the elements, with temperature being the primary variable governing the recovery times in the temperature range 500–700 °C.

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