The Fourier Transform (FTIR) microspectrometer discussed in this paper is an example of a complex Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical System (MOEMS) configured as an optical bench on a chip. It is an important benchmark application for microtechnology due to increased demands for the use of miniature wavelength detection instruments in bio, nano and material science. This device can be manufactured using automated microassembly and precision alignment of hybrid silicon and glass components, and in particular, of a micro-beamsplitter cube along 3 rotational degrees of freedom. In this paper, a piezoelectric microgripper with four degrees of freedom was attached to a precision robot in order to enhance its dexterity and align the beamsplitter to arcsecond angular tolerance. The modeling and control of the microgripper, and the alignment algorithm utilizing a novel spot-Jacobian servoing technique are discussed. Experimental results obtained during joint on-going work in Texas and in France are presented, demonstrating the advantage of using the microgripper for optical alignment of the microspectrometer.

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