In this paper, the stability of a waveboard, the skateboard consisting in two articulated platforms, coupled by a torsion bar and supported of two caster wheels, is analysed. The waveboard presents an interesting propelling mechanism, since the rider can achieve a forward motion by means of an oscillatory lateral motion of the platforms. The system is described using a multibody model with holonomic and nonholonomic constraints. To perform the stability analysis, the nonlinear equations of motion are linearized with respect to the forward upright motion with constant speed. The linearization is carried out resorting to a novel numerical linearization procedure, recently validated with a well-acknowledged bicycle benchmark, which allows the maximum possible reduction of the linearized equations of motion of multibody systems with holonomic and nonholonomic constraints. The approach allows the expression of the Jacobian matrix in terms of the main design parameters of the multibody system under study. This paper illustrates the use of this linearization approach with a complex multibody system as the waveboard. Furthermore, a sensitivity analysis of the eigenvalues considering different scenarios is performed, and the influence of the forward speed, the casters’ inclination angle and the tori aspect ratios of the toroidal wheels on the stability of the system is analysed.

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