The goal of the design project titled “Domestic Hot Water Heater Using Air Conditioner Waste Heat” was to introduce students to designing mechanical systems in the “ETME475-Mechanical Systems Design” course. Two students completed the design project in spring 2007. Some test runs were conducted with a commercial desuperheater to measure the efficiency of the unit and its effect on the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the Heat Pump when the heat pump is operated in air conditioning (A/C) mode. Contrary to author’s expectations, results indicated that, COP values were reduced by about 22%. Measured efficiency of the desuperheater was about 18% [1]. The current project is an extension of the original project with the new National Instruments data acquisition board, a newly developed LabVIEW data acquisition program, and with a more realistic heat transfer loop. The study covers performance of the heat pump operating in A/C mode as well as in heating mode. Results indicate, depending on the water temperature in the desuperheater, heat pump COP dropped 6–17% in A/C mode and 8–38% in heating mode. Again depending on the average water temperature in the ECU, the ECU efficiencies ranged from 12% to 27% for cooling and 11% to 39% for heating.

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