Entrepreneurial approach suggests the creation and development of economic ventures. This study describes the activity for students for Clean Energy Systems course. The Undergraduate Research Integration is a project for students which is about writing a proposal report and giving presentations. Each team writes a research proposal during the course of the semester that involves the use of biomass composites. The proposal is assigned in the third week of the semester and is due at the end of the semester. Student teams performed a preliminary study to create, test, and document a new environmentally friendly material that will be used in their dorm insulation. This project introduces sustainable engineering issues to students. Students also have to bring biomass material samples collected from nature as a project deliverable. Adaptability, communication, and management skills influences the way people interact and engage with colleagues. Placing students in groups and giving them tasks that they depend on each other is a great way to utilize the social needs of students. Overall, increased level of student enthusiasm was observed compared to previous years. Students were engaged in group meetings and often lead asking questions at the group presentations in class. The creative nature of the project made students think outside the box and have interesting ideas.

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