This paper proposes a density-based topology optimization scheme to design a heat sink for the application of a 3D integrated SIC-based 75 kVA Intelligent Power Stage (IPS). The heat sink design considers the heat conduction and convection effects with forced air cooling. The objective function is to minimize the thermal compliance of the whole structure. A volume constraint is imposed to reduce the overall volume of the designed heat sink to make it conformal to the underlying power devices. Some numerical techniques like filtering and projection schemes are employed to render a crisp design. Some 2D benchmarks examples are first provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Then a 3D heat sink, especially designed for the 3D IPS, is topologically optimized. The classic tree-like structure is reproduced to reinforce the convection effect. Some comparisons with the intuitive baseline designs are made through numerical simulation. The optimized heat sinks are shown to provide a more efficient cooling performance for the 3D integrated power converter assembly.

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