The need for more efficient and cost effective design of ship board equipment has never been greater. Pressure vessels on board ships can account for significant volume and weight and thus affect the overall performance of the vessel. Classically ship board pressure vessels have been designed to ASME Section VIII, Division 1. This code requires pressure vessels that are designed using a basic design by rule approach with a 3.5 to 1 design margin on specified minimum tensile strength. In recent years the ASME Standards Committee that is responsible for Section VIII has developed two design codes, Section VIII, Division 2 Alternative Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels and Section VIII, Division 3 Alternative Rules for Construction of High Pressure Vessels. These pressure vessel design codes offer lower design margins, an improved design by rule approach for Division 2 and allow or require design by analysis based on the vessel operating conditions and environment such as cyclic service. Use of these codes can improve ship board vessel design by lowering the weight of vessels while providing a safe reliable pressure vessel.

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