The Data Quality Objective Procedure (DQOP) method aids implementing environmental polices, as engineering solutions. Pollution control issues identified and addressed through new environmental legislation need to be implemented. The metal matrix encapsulation (MME) treatment works as a toxicity reduction exercise that can legally control disposal of fly ashes from waste-to-energy plants. The MME process aids with the implementation of European Union (EU) legislation such as the Waste Incineration Directive by allowing fly ashes to be disposed of in landfill sites. By using the DQOP, as shown with the MME fly ash treatment, complex issues can be clearly identified and effectively controlled. The method considers various steps into which different activities can be addressed, agreed upon and allows engineering, financial and legal teams to cooperate. The EU is the world’s second largest economy with many waste management requirements. The DQOP can aid entry into this complex but rich economic opportunity.

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