The acoustic conditions in school spaces are fundamental for the success of the learning process. This article aims to present the results of acoustic comfort by the analytical method of 9 classrooms with different geometric characteristics of the University of Brasília. In classrooms the background noise limits are 40 to 50dBA and considering that the teacher’s voice reaches a certain 65 decibels we can highlight that it can be heard clearly by the students. However in an environment with a lot of reverberation of sounds the teacher will have to exert more effort to be understood. The sound perception in a room depends on the intensity and temporal relationship between the direct sound and the indirect sound reflected by the walls of the room, therefore, in the present study were verified two parameters namely the reverberation time and speech intelligibility. The results obtained were compared with the normative parameters of ANSI S12.60: 2010 and it was verified that all rooms are not suitable for teaching-learning activity. To guarantee an environment with better conditions of concentration and learning for the students, acoustic coverings were suggested in order to fit the normative limits.

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