The paper presents a systematic study of the structural loads induced by abnormal waves on a FPSO. This work is a follow-up of a previous investigation that explored the possibility of using freak, abnormal or episodic waves as additional wave load conditions to be considered in the design of ships and offshore platforms. In the previous work, a procedure was developed and implemented to adopt deterministic time series of wave elevation, which may include abnormal waves, as reference design conditions to calculate the wave induced structural loads on ships. An application example was presented for a FPSO subjected to the well known New Year Wave trace that was measured during a severe storm in Central North Sea. In the present paper, the same procedure is applied to obtain the wave induced structural loads on a FPSO, but a systematic investigation is carried out by using a large set of wave traces. These wave traces have been measured at different occasions in the North Sea, additionally at one location in the Central Gulf of Mexico, and they all include episodic freak waves. In this way it is possible to assess the influence of realistic rogue wave characteristics on the wave induced structural loads. Finally, and based on the platform responses to all wave traces, some statistics are produced, regarding the platform responses and structural loads induced by rogue waves.

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