The solution of hydrodynamic problem with forward speed still has some well-known problems such as high oscillation and slow convergence of the wave term when using a moving and oscillating source as the Green function. Recently, Ten and Chen (2010) has come up with a new method to benefit the merits of both the Rankine source and moving and oscillating source by taking a hemisphere as the control surface which separates the fluid region into two domains, but some troubles have been induced in the process of solution. Therefore, in this paper, a cylindrical surface instead of a hemisphere is selected to be the control surface to make the solution easy, and in this method, the control surface isn’t divided into panels. In the interior domain near the ship, the Rankin Green function is used to simplify the calculation. In the exterior domain some distance from the ship, there is no panels representing the free surface by using the Green function which satisfy the free surface boundary condition. The whole fluid region matches by the condition that the velocity potentials and their normal derivatives in the interior domain and exterior domain are equal on the control surface separately. In this paper, we have validated the Rankine-Kelvin hybrid method is applicable by adopting it to solve the zero speed problem in this work.

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