As the most potential secondary energy, hydrogen energy can provide power for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and is an important part of clean energy. Hydrogen fueling station is an important part of hydrogen energy utilization. Reasonable layout and construction of hydrogen fueling stations can promote the rapid development of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen energy industry.

The development status of hydrogen fueling stations in China is summarized from the aspects of process and equipment, standard system, approval process, whole industry chain and core technology. The problems existing in the development of hydrogen fueling stations are analyzed and discussed, suggestions for promoting the development of hydrogenation stations in China are put forward, and the development trend of hydrogenation stations in China are analyzed also. The main conclusions are as follows: (1) At present, hydrogen industry in China is still in the early stage of development, and the localization rate of equipment for hydrogen fueling station is not high. (2) The approval process of hydrogen fueling station is not standardized, so it is urgent for the state to issue unified normative documents. (3) It is necessary to promote the whole chain of hydrogen production, storage and transportation, hydrogenation and hydrogen utilization to realize the healthy development of hydrogen energy. (4) The localization of key technology and equipment and the perfect standard system of hydrogen fueling station are the important guarantee for the rapid development of hydrogen fueling station in China in the future.

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