In this paper, Geometrically Nonlinear Vibrations (GNV) of Functionally Graded Magneto-Electro-Elastic (FGMEE) shells integrated with a patch of Active Constrained Layer Damping (ACLD) treatment is studied. In case of FG material, properties vary along the z-coordinates using power-law index. Finite element model is developed for FGMEE doubly curved shell using a shear deformation theory by considering non linearity to analyze the FGMEE shell. The structure consists of magnetostrictive material (CoFe2O4) and piezoelectric material (BaTiO3) FGMEE doubly curved shell with piezoelectric composite (1-3 PZC) is used as a constraining layer for viscoelastic layer, which is modelled using Golla-Hughes-McTavish (GHM) method. The analysis is carried out in time domain by considering the effects of coupling coefficients, curvature ratio and patch location on the behaviour of the nonlinear frequency of the shell. The amplitude of vibrations reduces considerably by considering the active ACLD patches (1-3 PZC) of the FGMEE shell with nominal control voltage.

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