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Verification and Validation

ASME Verification and Validation Symposium (VVS)

This unique event brings together engineers and scientists from a wide array of disciplines that practice verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ) in their computational modeling and simulation. Papers discuss ideas and methods from leading experts for verification of codes and solutions, simulation validation, and assessment of uncertainties in mathematical models, computational solutions, and experimental data. (Content from 2008 to current year as becomes available)

Subject Category: Design Engineering (DE)

About ASME Conference Publications and Proceedings

ASME sponsors between 25-30 research conferences per year and publishes the papers presented as individual proceedings totaling approximately 7,000 papers. Conference topics encompass the entire spectrum of subject areas of interest to mechanical engineers and associated disciplines.

Exploring Conference Proceedings Content

Conference Proceedings are organized for your ease of use by Conference Series, Subject Categories, Proceedings Year, and Topic Collection.

Why Present and Publish With ASME?

More than 20,000 authors per year from across all continents share their research with colleagues throughout the world by presenting papers at ASME conferences. In addition to being a convener, ASME facilitates this process by ensuring the publication of quality content.

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