This paper presents results of experiments where selective injection of a drag-reducing polymer solution into the tip vortex region of the blades of an 11.5 in. diameter propeller was effective in significantly delaying tip vortex cavitation. The most critical phase of the investigation was the selection of the position of the injection ports. For well-positioned injection ports, at a fixed water channel speed the propeller cavitation number had to be decreased by as much as 35 percent in order to reestablish cavitation inception. Injections of water and a viscous mixture of water and glycerin for the same conditions did not affect the inception characteristics of the modified blades. Preliminary analysis of the results indicates that the viscoelastic properties of the Polyox solution injected in the vortex core played a significant role in thickening the viscous core of the tip vortex and thus reducing the pressure drop at the vortex center without affecting circulation or lift.

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