A happy new year to all of you! I am pleased to announce that in April 2008, ASME’s Nuclear Engineering Division (NED) selected this journal for the publication of nuclear power engineering papers. This is an important strategic step forward for both NED and JEGTP. As an editor, I welcome all authors who contribute to ASME NED conferences and promise them rapid and fair paper reviews. The publication of 50 or more nuclear engineering papers annually will significantly contribute to my own vision and aspiration for JEGTP, which is to make it a top journal in the broad area of power and energy.

Last year, two major changes were put into place that affected the world of ASME publishing. First, ASME introduced e-First, a novel online paper publication process, and launched the ASME Digital Library (http:∕∕www.asmedl.org). This Digital Library is ASME’s primary repository of current and archival literature featuring ASME Transaction Journals from 1990 to the present, among other publications. As the ASME Digital Library continues to expand, it ultimately will include the complete archive of ASME’s Transactions Journals dating back to 1880. This represents a significant milestone in the world of scientific publishing!

Second, JEGTP made a giant leap forward with a bimonthly publication schedule with a total of 1616 printed pages (=183 papers in CY2008), a new record! Moreover, the e-First publication process is regularly producing completed JEGTP issues two months ahead of the printed issues.

Last year, JEGTP secured four new outstanding individuals as associate editors. They are: Jim Wallace (University of Toronto, Canada) and Margaret Wooldridge (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor serving a second term), covering internal combustion engines, and Jay Kunze (Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID) and Igor Pioro (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Ontario, Canada), covering nuclear engineering. My congratulations to these individuals for their appointments and work on behalf of the journal. Also, I thank the outgoing associate editor, Jim Cowart (U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD) and Ashok Rao (University of California, Irvine, CA), for their many years of valuable service to the journal.

Summarizing, because of the events that unfolded and the improvements made during 2008, the journal has grown to cover an even broader range of topics in gas turbines, nuclear engineering, internal combustion engines, fossil power generation, and advanced energy systems. JEGTP remains the number one ranked journal in the world in the area of gas turbine engineering and power and your continuing research contributions will keep it there!