A happy new year to all of you! I am pleased to announce that effective 1 January 2010, JEGTP will be published monthly. This is made possible because JEGTP continues to receive a large number of outstanding papers from all over the world in the field of gas turbines, nuclear power, internal combustion engines, and fossil energy. Strong synergies exist among these seemingly diverse fields. For example, nuclear reactor power generation cycles are beginning to employ gas turbines operating with novel working fluids such as helium. Also, advances in gas turbine radial blade designs, secondary flow controls, aerodynamic flutter, rotor dynamics, bearing technology, and thermal barrier coatings are readily finding applications in tomorrow's steam turbine and turbo generator designs. JEGTP has successfully integrated these papers into an “energy and power” journal for which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To celebrate this success, JEGTP has a new front cover, more journal resources, and ASME has doubled the number of published issues. All these improvements represent a “win-win” situation for authors, readers, subscribers, and other journal stakeholders.

The year 2008 ended with a global economic downturn, and during 2009 many uncertainties remain as to the future. Professional societies and technical journals face challenges on various fronts such as research funding, conference attendance, industry participation, and journal paper numbers. However, confronting these challenges creates new opportunities, strengths, and eventual success; JEGTP falls into this mold. JEGTP is positioned extremely well in the most important global priority today—Gas Turbines, Energy, and Power. Further, ASME seeks to galvanize a “Grand Energy Challenge,” focused on achieving a sustainable and diverse national and global energy system/environment. JEGTP papers provide the best technological solutions to define the technology, policy, and market issues to achieve a more sustainable energy system. Finally, improvements put into effect during the last three years have increased JEGTP's five-year impact factor (paper citation index) almost threefold and a record number of reprints are being ordered. So, your papers are being read, cited, and purchased. The JEGTP editorial team comprises associate editors, editorial assistant, reviewers, and ASME journal production staff. I am very grateful to all the team members for their superlative efforts.

To secure rapid publication of your papers, below are a few tips for the authors:

  • JEGTP publishes papers on a first-come, first-publish basis. Therefore, authors must remain engaged during the publication process and check the status of their papers regularly on the journaltool as it progresses through various stages of review, copyright form submission, production files uploading, and electronic editing of page proofs. Please contact an associate editor with your journal paper number if your paper continues to remain inactive.

  • This year, ASME has simplified the 1903 (copyright release) form significantly. Please sign and file this form electronically and not by fax. This is more efficient and, should this form get lost or misplaced, you will have an e-mail record. Also, ASME is in the process of integrating the conference and journal copyright forms. Therefore, beginning in 2010, authors will not have to file a duplicate conference form if their conference paper is accepted for journal publication.

  • Prepare the production files of your paper by following the exact procedure (do not be creative here!) taking care to eliminate all errors (visit “Authors Center” and read the instructions). Also, graphics must have a resolution of at least 600 dpi. Poor-quality graphics are unacceptable and color figures must be checked on your B&W laser printer for adequate contrast before digitizing them. Graphics files must be labeled with Fig. or Figure (.tif or .eps).

In summary, JEGTP's editorial team and resources are available to meet your publication needs and the global energy challenges for the emerging decade. During 2009, JEGTP has grown to cover a wide range of topics in gas turbines, nuclear engineering, internal combustion engines, and fossil power generation. Now, JEGTP truly represents a centerpiece of ASME's “Grand Energy Challenge” strategy. JEGTP remains the number ONE ranked journal in the world in the area of gas turbine engineering, nuclear power, internal combustion engines, and fossil energy. Your outstanding and continuing research contributions will keep it there!