The convective heat transfer and pressure drop in flow past two types of tube array are solved numerically by the Finite Analytic Method in this investigation. The tube arrays considered are an in-line tube array and a staggered tube array with longitudinal and transverse pitch of two. The flow field solution is obtained and analyzed in Part I of the study. In the present Part II, the temperature field, heat transfer characteristics, and pressure drop are investigated. The fluid and tubes are considered to be at the same temperature, except for the array tube, which is heated or cooled. The solution domain covers three pitches of tube arrays in order to simulate accurately the non-periodic behavior of the temperature field downstream of the heated tube. In general, the heat transfer in a staggered array of tubes is found to be higher than that in an in-lined array of tubes. However, the pressure drop in a staggered array arrangement is also higher. Local heat transfer varies between in-line and staggered tube arrays and depends on Reynolds number and Prandtl number. At high Reynolds number, the local heat transfer tends to peak at the upstream surface of the heated tube but away from the stagnation point and becomes minimum at the separation point. Heat transfer in recirculation zones are, in general, small.

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