This article presents expert comments of six leading industrial designers about products that inspired them. According to Charles Austen Angell, CEO, Modern Edge Inc., Herman Miller Aeron Chair inspires him as although it has a distinctive aesthetic, the Aeron Chair transcends the sculptural elements that people associate with design. For Don Chadwick, Principal, Chadwick Studio, Cinelli Road Bicycle, it represents minimal structure that provides a maximum benefit to the user. Xootr, designed by LUNAR, which is a high-end scooter, is one the product designs that has served as an inspiration. The Nest thermostat is a notable example of post-Apple integration of mechanical design with digital technology. That makes sense, because it was developed by Tony Fadell, who led Apple’s iPod and iPhone teams, and Frank Bould, whose designs incorporate an engineering aesthetic. It senses when you are not home and turns down the heating or cooling. It also uses wireless technology to communicate with remote temperature sensors in other rooms and with your smartphone.

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