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Journal Articles
Publisher: ASME
Article Type: Technology Review
J. Pressure Vessel Technol. August 2011, 133(4): 044001.
Published Online: May 11, 2011
..., including economics of fuel cycle technology (e.g., minimization of fuel inventory, simple and compact spent fuel treatment, and refabrication for recycling). For transmutation of (minor) actinides, in particular, there are different concepts for fuels and targets, such as thorium-based mixed oxides, inert...
Journal Articles
Publisher: ASME
Article Type: Article
J. Pressure Vessel Technol. February 2000, 122(1): 110–111.
Published Online: February 1, 2000
... that one of the most significant words in PVRC is “leverage.” In this regard, PVRC’s methods of conducting research provide high economic leverage and technical management advantages for members and sponsors who participate in the R&D projects. The Pressure Vessel Research Council (PVRC...